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True Facts About Mount Everest Mount Everest in Nepal

Mount Everest in Nepal? Really, Mount Everest is found in Nepal. Mount Everest is named as Chomolungma in Tibet and as Sagarmatha in Nepal with a 8848 m from the ocean level. Mount Everest is the fifth uttermost summit from the core of Earth. We have jot down several unique Mount Everest Facts for you. Mount Everest attracts many highly experienced mountaineers as well as capable climbers willing to hire professional guides.


  • Highest Peak

Mount Everest is the most astounding crest of the world secured with snow.

  • Mount Everest Climbing Facts

English Mountaineers arrived at the 7000 m of the summit of Mount Everest from the beginning time from the course of Tibet. Amid that time, no nonnatives were permitted to visit Nepal. Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary were the first individual to reach on the summit of mount Everest.

  • Difficulties on Mount Everest

Absence of oxygen, height affliction, Sudden change in climate, torrential slides

  • Mount Everest Routes

Mount Everest can be moved through two highways; One from Tibet side and an alternate from Nepal side. The course from Nepal side is considerably more simpler then from Tibet side, This course is substantially more utilized amid Mount climbing.

  • Mount Everest Death Zone

Over the tallness of 8000 m of Everest, it is viewed as Death Zone. Temperature can get down to low.

  • Mount Everest Helicopter Landing

French national, Didier Delsalle arrived an Eurocopter As350 B3 helicopter on the summit of Mount Everest. These days, Helicopter arriving on the summit of Mount Everest is banned by Nepal Government.

  • Money needed for Climbing Mount Everest

Around $20,000 to $25,000 is required for climbing Mount Everest from Nepal side. - Technology Navigator website for Nepalese